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About Us

TENSQUARE Engineering Services Limited is an entrepreneurial Development Company registered under Nigeria Business and Corporate Companies Established Laws, we are 100% Nigeria.

We produce high quality Home Furniture solutions and unequaled after-service customer support. TENSQUARE Engineering Services Limited, also has the creative knowledge to design all forms of home furniture from the conceptual designs in accordance with the client’s requirement.

Furniture Design

The try-be-unique wardrobes style present nobility, and at the same time symbolizes profound, straightforward, free characteristics, which further motivates the inspiration and creativity of designers, adding more space to design imagination.


  • Our Advantages

Cost saving: Your organization will benefit from our cost saving techniques and thereby create enable kitchen environment for you and your family and consequently your productivity.

  • Creativity

At Tensquare Engineering Services Limited creativity lives in us, we can make specific Kitchen Cabinets, wardrobes,bookcase given to us by our customers.

  • Durability

We use quality materials to make kitchen Cabinets/Wardrobes that why we still remain one of the leading Kitchen Cabinet/Wardrobes Makers in Nigeria

  • Our Workforce

We believe that experienced employees are the heart of any business and a well motivated workforce in turn provides you with best service. They are an integral part of our business. Supervisors and Managers are allocated to each site/client.


  • Kitchen Engineering Cabinet

    by Tensquare Engineering Services Limited

  • Elegance Marble Kitchen cabinet

    by Tensquare Engineering Services Limited

  • Interior Kitchen Cabinet #3

    by Tensquare Engineering Services Limited